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  • [XTR] Member Stories
    Paid [XTR] Member Stories
    This add-on allows to members create stories as something that lets own share all the moments of own day. Members can post photos and videos that vanish after x hours.
    5.00 Oylama 4 İnceleme
  • Exclusive Dark
    Paid Exclusive Dark
    Exclusive Dark is a professional, flexible, fully-responsive forum theme for XenForo 2.1.x with a perfect that is compatible with the most popular XenForo extensions.
    5.00 Oylama 4 İnceleme
  • Revolution Pro
    Paid Revolution Pro
    Meet Revolution Pro the theme bringing much more than just a beautiful design for your forum!
    5.00 Oylama 3 İnceleme
  • [XTR] Thread Rating System
    Paid [XTR] Thread Rating System
    The Thread Rating System is an add-on that allows you to rate the threads within your forum.
    5.00 Oylama 2 İnceleme
  • [XTR] Enforce Post Rules
    Paid [XTR] Enforce Post Rules
    This add-on allows you to apply rules of creating a new thread within specific nodes on your forum.
    5.00 Oylama 2 İnceleme

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  • Paid Revolution Pro
    5.00 Oylama
    This theme is by far one of the best i have use so far, so many features and top notch support...
    • Nobleman
[XTR] Most Upvoted Members

Paid [XTR] Most Upvoted Members

It has never been easier for you to list your members by the most upvoted.
0.00 Oylama
15.00 $
[XTR] Question Nodes Prefix Manager

Paid [XTR] Question Nodes Prefix Manager

This add-on allows you to adding a prefix when a post is marked solution.
5.00 Oylama
5.00 $
[XTR] Age of Membership Time

Paid [XTR] Age of Membership Time

Record members' age of membership, and add it to their member profiles.
0.00 Oylama
15.00 $
[XTR] Advanced Content Edit History

Paid [XTR] Advanced Content Edit History

Control the content edit history via advanced user group permissions.
0.00 Oylama
20.00 $
[XTR] Thread Info Block

Paid [XTR] Thread Info Block

Allows you to see the informative message and topic statistics on the first topic opened in the forum
0.00 Oylama
10.00 $
[XTR] Custom Thread Fields Only

Paid [XTR] Custom Thread Fields Only

Users might use to only custom thread fields when posting a thread.
0.00 Oylama
10.00 $
[XTR] Pregnancy Calendar

Paid [XTR] Pregnancy Calendar

This add-on allows you to show a pregnancy information block to track user pregnancy stages and follow her baby's development week by week.
5.00 Oylama
60.00 $
[XTR] Gender Manager

Paid [XTR] Gender Manager

Integrate the gender management to your community and control the nodes by gender.
0.00 Oylama
25.00 $
[XTR] Display Group For Signatures

Paid [XTR] Display Group For Signatures

Best way to build signature with the custom user fields.
5.00 Oylama
35.00 $
[XTR] Account Details and Privacy Control

Paid [XTR] Account Details and Privacy Control

This add-on allows you to manage the account details and privacy usage per each user group
0.00 Oylama
10.00 $
DragonByte eCommerce Türkçe Dil Paketi

Paid DragonByte eCommerce Türkçe Dil Paketi

DragonByte eCommerce türkçe dil paketi, en güncel sürüme göre çeviri yapılmıştır.
0.00 Oylama
9.00 $
[XTR] Post Limit To Create Content

Paid [XTR] Post Limit To Create Content

This add-on will set a limit on number type for create a new content and join to discussions.
5.00 Oylama
19.00 $