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[XTR] Account Upgrades Page

Paid [XTR] Account Upgrades Page

Customized Account Upgrade Page
0.00 Oylama
30.00 $
[XTR] Event Forums

Paid [XTR] Event Forums

Easily create and manage events on your community site with The Events Forums add-on.
0.00 Oylama
30.00 $
[XTR] Member Stories

Paid [XTR] Member Stories

This add-on allows to members create stories as something that lets own share all the moments of own day. Members can post photos and videos that vanish after x hours.
5.00 Oylama
50.00 $
[XTR] Today in History

Paid [XTR] Today in History

Today in History add-on allows you to enter historical events and display them via the included widget and History Page.
5.00 Oylama
40.00 $
[XTR] Extended Sticky Alerts

Paid [XTR] Extended Sticky Alerts

Send an sticky alert to the visitors or users which match the criteria specified.
0.00 Oylama
40.00 $
[XTR] Thread Rating System

Paid [XTR] Thread Rating System

The Thread Rating System is an add-on that allows you to rate the threads within your forum.
4.33 Oylama
15.00 $
[XTR] Custom Post Fields

Paid [XTR] Custom Post Fields

Best way to create custom post fields for your community. Your members will love it.
5.00 Oylama
25.00 $
[XTR] Force Users To Answer Questions

Paid [XTR] Force Users To Answer Questions

The best way of the "Force Users To Answer Questions".
5.00 Oylama
35.00 $
[XTR] DragonByte eCommerce Layouts

Paid [XTR] DragonByte eCommerce Layouts

Customize the DragonByte eCommerce page.
0.00 Oylama
30.00 $
[XTR] Last-Most Threads on Forum View

Paid [XTR] Last-Most Threads on Forum View

This add-on allows you to show a last threads block per nodes on forum view template.
5.00 Oylama
20.00 $
[XTR] Post Limit To Create Content

Paid [XTR] Post Limit To Create Content

This add-on will set a limit on number type for create a new content and join to discussions.
5.00 Oylama
19.00 $