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XF 2.x Ücretli eklentiler

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Top rated products

[XTR] Gender Manager ♂/♀

Paid [XTR] Gender Manager ♂/♀

Integrate the gender management to your community and control the nodes by gender.
0.00 star(s)
From: $25.00
[XTR] Testimonial Showcase

Paid [XTR] Testimonial Showcase

Testimonials allows you to show the recommendations from satisfied buyers that affirm the value of a product or service.
0.00 star(s)
From: $35.00
[XTR] External Links Redirect Warning

Paid [XTR] External Links Redirect Warning

Show a warning block with the countdown timer before redirect targeted external URLs.
0.00 star(s)
From: $15.00
[XTR] Pregnancy Calendar

Paid [XTR] Pregnancy Calendar

This add-on allows you to show a pregnancy information block to track user pregnancy stages and follow her baby's development week by week.
0.00 star(s)
[XTR] Paid Membership

Paid [XTR] Paid Membership

Accept paid user upgrades and subscriptions.
5.00 star(s)
From: $30.00
[XTR] Most Resource Downloaders

Paid [XTR] Most Resource Downloaders

This addon allows you to display the most resource downloaders of the month.
0.00 star(s)
From: $25.00
[XTR] Prevent of Take it Back Reactions or Change Reactions Type

Paid [XTR] Prevent of Take it Back Reactions or Change Reactions Type

Prevent of take it back reactions or change reactions type.
0.00 star(s)
From: $25.00
[XTR] Enforce Post Rules

Paid [XTR] Enforce Post Rules

This add-on allows you to apply rules of creating a new thread within specific nodes on your forum.
5.00 star(s)
From: $20.00
[XTR] Most Reacted Posts

Paid [XTR] Most Reacted Posts

This add-on allow you to add a most reacted posts block for each thread IDs on selected nodes.
5.00 star(s)
From: $35.00
[XTR] Resource Downloaders Pro

Paid [XTR] Resource Downloaders Pro

Allows you to view the resource downloading logs and set to resource download limits for each groups
0.00 star(s)
[XTR] T.C. Kimlik No Doğrulama

Paid [XTR] T.C. Kimlik No Doğrulama

Üyelerinizin, Nüfus ve Vatandaşlık İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü üzerinde yer alan verilerini doğrular.
5.00 star(s)
[XTR] Last-Most Threads on Forum View

Paid [XTR] Last-Most Threads on Forum View

This add-on allows you to show a last threads block per nodes on forum view template.
5.00 star(s)
From: $20.00