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Genel Konuşma Paid [XTR] Automark As Solution

Best way to adds the ability to auto-mark the reply as a solution in selected question nodes by vote score.
[XTR] Automark As Solution
Adds the ability to auto-mark as solution in selected question nodes and inform to question owners abouth that automatically selected by the highest vote score of solution.

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This add-on allows you to add the ability to auto-mark the solution for question threads so that after the configured number of days, a reply that meets the minimum required vote score will automatically be selected as the solution.

ACP options


User group permission


This user group permission allows you to limit the question creation.
Users have to check the replies to their old questions and mark the best answer as a solution in replies to create a new question thread.

This is the alternative solution if you don't like to use auto-mark as a solution. (by the system requirements - min. vote score and day limit).

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Question thread owner alert

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