[XTR] FTSLider - Featured Thread Slider

Premium [XTR] FTSLider - Featured Thread Slider 1.1.7

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Premium [XTR] FTSLider - Featured Thread Slider
showing no permission to download this , even though ive downloaded it previously?
XDinc updated [XTR] FTSLider - Featured Thread Slider with a new update entry:

Changelog 1.1.6

Changelog 1.1.5
  • Featured page .less templates has been updated.
Changelog 1.1.6
  • Add-on templates updated to XF 2.2.5+
  • ACP options macro template has been updated.
  • Featured page structure has been updated.
  • PHP 8 compatibility update (Stability and compatibility with the newly released PHP 8)
  • Added new page options.
Note: Please do not install or upgrade the add-on, if you are using lower than XF 2.2.4+.
This version...

Read the rest of this update entry...
How I can download? ATM I have no permission.
hello, i have installed previous version 1.1.0 featured button function in thread still display normally (themehouse UIX theme)
but when i update to xerrofo 2.2.6 and themehouse's UIX theme, the Featured button in the thread is no longer showing, please tell me how to fix it so that I can use the Featured button display

but mine doesn't show up, I'm using xenforo 2.2.6 themehouse's UIX theme, Featured Thread Slider 1.1.6 ?

I wanted to download this addon but it says <no permission to download> I registered more than 2 years ago.

whats the problem ?
Bir şey sorabilir miyim? XDinc ve XenTR bu eklentiyi forum ana sayfa kısmına ayarlarsak liste halinde portal gibi bir şey olur... Ya da kapak böylesi bir şey mümkün mü?

  • Ana Sayfa
  • Forumlar
  • Neler Yeni
  • Medya Galeri
  • Kullanıcılar
linkleri var ya.. Anasayfa kısmına bu eklentinin çalışma alanı olarak ayar yapmak mümkün mü?
We love this add-on, but is there a way to let the users 'dismiss' the whole thing, so they don't have to look at the slider if they don't want to?

In a similar way that users can dismiss Xenforo Notices once they've read them.

I realise that when new threads get added they won't see them, but some of our users have asked for this?

Any chance?
XenForo 2.3 is apparently adding a core feature which covers this.

It's maybe a bit much to ask, but would it be possible to have a converter for data from this addon to the core XF 2.3 functionality once that comes out?
Will this addon be updated for 2.3, I like it more. I just tested on my local test site and it didnt work with xf 2.3.
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