Paid [XTR] Random Tips

It is an xenforo add-on that allows you to offer an unlimited number of tips.
[XTR] Random Tips
The Random Tips add-on is allows you to show an unlimited number of random tips on your website.

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The Random Tips add-on is allows you to show an unlimited number of random tips on your website.

You can show to any content via create add-on acp option for your users who visit your website. Also you can display the random tips block different positions.

Functionally you can enter any content as a simple text if you want, insert a link to important topics on your website if you wish you can use a lot of functional issues such as announcements, etc.

In addition, you can easily publish all kinds of visual content via to the rich text editor without having to use HTML code.

This add-on has a fully controllable structure through and you can manage it via ACP.

General Options
  • An unlimited number of content can be entered and you can edit, delete or hide them.
  • You can shape your content with Rich Text editor.
  • User group permissions settings
  • Ability to display in any area via XenForo widget structure.
Admin CP


Widget options


Random Tips List


Adding a new Random Tips

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User Group Permissions


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