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Paid [XTR] Products Page

Create custom sales pages developed for XR Product Manager.
[XTR] Products Page
The Products Page add-on comes with a more options that can be changed visually for your users who visit your website. In this way, thanks to the fully customizable structure offers a simpler and clearer store management.

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[XTR] Products Page
Additional requirements

XR Product Manager2.0.1+
XR Product Manager is a full-featured add-on for XenForo that will allow you to sell products to customers - members. As a XENTR Support Team we have developed to a visual enrichment for this add-on to move forward to user experience.

The Products Page add-on comes with a more options that can be changed visually for your users who visit your website. In this way, thanks to the fully customizable structure offers a simpler and clearer store management.

To summarize the features of the plugin;

XR Product Manager image sizes as standard frame is 300px 300px. Even though you can change the size of the image, it keeps its dimensions as a result. However, with the addition of Products Page, you can now easily adjust the dimensions of the images from the plugin settings, either rectangular or square.

Standard width and height values set to for this add-on.

Thumbnail height size: 550px
Thumbnail size width : 900px


Note: We want to make a small reminder for our customers. You can change these values according to your request. But when you change the height and width values, you will need to reload the thumbnails of the products. If you have previously created products, you will need to reinstall Thumbnail image.
  • Fully mobile compatible with this plugin developed as desktop, tablet and mobile devices by specifying the number of columns you can shape as you want. For example, you can set the number of columns for desktop devices to 3, 2 for tablet-type devices and 2 for mobile devices. As you see the below picture.

  • You can hide or show product categories for desktop devices.
  • You can also hide or show product categories for mobile devices.
  • You can activate or deactivate the price strip, product specification, small title field, product information, and product main features.
  • You can adjust the size of the buttons used for the product.
  • If you wish, you can display an official laptop frame of the product or you can use the simple product image.
  • The product information comes with a stylish sidebar. You can adjust the width of this sidebar as you wish.
  • Comes with two different options for adjusting the sidebar to suit mobile devices
  • There is a simple option to adjust the sticky sidebar and the height value of this feature.
  • The sidebar contains information about predefined products. Apart from these, the ability to share your page in order to make it easier for you to promote your products in social media.
  • There is also a download button for your customers who have purchased your products on the sidebar.
  • You can also display the images you have added for your products in a slider.
  • The general properties of the slider are:

  1. Set the desired number of pictures on the screen,
  2. Creating an automatic loop for pictures,
  3. Automatic execution,
  4. Pause on Mause,
  5. Adjust spacing between pictures,
  6. Available options for slider, such as making the buttons for viewing images right and left active.

  • In addition, the style structure has the ability to edit the relevant fields you want to change easily through the panel without any coding to customize it.
In addition to all of the existing ones that can create your own custom fields, there is a new option to enter a special field.

You can follow this adress to add fields: admin.php?product-manager/products/fields/add and use with Below secondary content to activate field.

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