Paid [XTR] Today in History 1.0.4

Sürüm değişiklikleri

First of all, I would like to thanks all friends (I don't like to call to them customers).
They didn't receive support for a long time to this product by my health problems. Now I'm fighting for them!

But they were always being there with their good wishes whenever I need a friend. It is such a relief to know that I will always have they in my corner.

There is a lot to talk about in this update, but the most valuable thing for us is not to lose your trust.
Also, all friends who have a product license their licences have been extended to 2022.

Now, let's see what happened in the long-awaited update.

What's new on 1.0.4

Attachment and filter options

  • Maximum event attachment file size option added.
  • Maximum event attachment image dimensions option added.
  • Filter macros renewed.
Thread options
  • Auto-create event thread option added. (Added a tab to switch between events and their discussion and if you enabled custom historical event URL for old entered events do not worry this option has already related with discussion tab.)
  • Historical event nodes option added. (Historical event contents will be available on these nodes when adding history event.)
  • Historical event thread prefix option added.
Date options
  • Date format option added.
  • Change date format as X years ago option added.
Page options
  • We have included all suggestions from you in terms of page structure.
  • Page layout option added. (Grid layout, Article layout)
(Note: We've worked hard on adding a calendar view but we had to make a choice, If we added a calendar view, you would no longer have a chance to add events with an unknown date. We'll have to make a decision for that in the next release.)

  • PHP 8 compatibility issues are fixed.
  • XenForo 2.2.6+ compatibility issues are fixed.

In short, I hope new release will make happy to everyone.

Sürüm notları

1.0.4 Change log
  • Public templates updated.
  • Admin templates updated.
  • Historical event field structure updated.
  • Widget style layouts updated.
  • Filter macros updated.
  • User alert function updated.
  • ACP options macro template updated. (Changed with new structure)
  • New phrases added.
  • Puplic actionEdit function updated.