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Paid [XTR] Today in History 1.0.1

Sürüm değişiklikleri

Whats's new on 1.0.1
  • Added Import/Export option
  • Added Historical Event Custom URL (If enabled, you have an option to enter a URL where the historical event details will be shown. Example: Like as thread URL.)
  • Added Approval permission (Approval queue / moderated for submitted entries.)
  • Added Historical event alert recipients. (A list of users to receive a awaiting approval historical event report via notification.)
  • Added Historical event fields (Like as thread fields)
  • Added new default historical event list order option (Display only Today in History)

Sürüm notları

1.0.1 Change log
  • $history finder method updated.
  • Historical event widget templates updated.
  • Historical event data list template updated. (For AdminCP)
  • Historical event type macros updated.