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[XTR] Resource Pages
This extension has been developed with the intention of enhancing the XenForo Resource Manager add-on visually and providing ease of use.
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[XTR] Resource Pages

This extension has been developed with the intention of enhancing the XenForo Resource Manager add-on visually and providing ease of use.

In short, this plugin allows you to customize the standard resource manager pages of XenForo.


As is known, XenForo supports the frame picture format since 1.x versions. Naturally, when we want to change the thumbnail size in the resources area, the pixel structure of the thumbnails deteriorates.

[XTR] With the Resource Pages plugin you can solve this problem in a very simple way and customize your source pages as you wish.

As shown in the picture below, it is possible to set resource icon images to your desired size.


Note: To have a better-looking source list, it is recommended that you update the icons of existing products again according to the dimensions you have specified.

Apart from these style features, you can easily manage almost every area of the resource manager.

You can see the style properties in the image below.


[XTR] Resource Pages Features
  • Fully mobile compatible with this plugin developed as desktop, tablet and mobile devices by specifying the number of columns you can shape as you want. For example, you can set the number of columns for desktop devices to 3, 2 for tablet-type devices and 2 for mobile devices. You can easily check the number of columns for the resources to be shown here.
  • You can hide or show source categories for desktop devices.
    You can also hide or show source categories for mobile devices.
    A screen shot with source categories:


    A screenshot of the source content field


  • With the custom field field included in the plug-in, specific links to resources can be created regardless of other field fields. For example, a demo link can be given for resources.
    To do this, you can go to and create a custom field as shown below.



  • Custom fields added in this field are only displayed on the source list page and under the image attached on the source content page.
  • There is a nice price strip for your paid resources.
  • Under the source pictures, there is an option to activate or deactivate all content separately.
    Sidebar width of the source content can be adjusted easily.
  • The sidebar comes as sticky. The adhesive height can also be adjusted in a very simple way to the theme used.
  • The user who added the source on the sidebar has an avatar and user connection to the user.
  • Attached image files are now on the slider, leaving a crowded view. In this way, a very fast viewing facility offers comfortable ease of use.
  • The management of the attached image files on the slider is completely manageable with user options via style features.

    Slider Global settings

    . Set the desired number of pictures on the screen,
    2. Creating an automatic loop for pictures,
    3. Automatic execution,
    4. Pause on Maus,
    5. Adjust spacing between pictures,
    6. For the slider, there are a number of options available, such as making the buttons for viewing images right and left active.

    Screen shot of slider


  • In addition, the style structure has the ability to edit the relevant fields you want to change easily through the panel without any coding to customize it.

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