hello everybody

hello everybody
Thank you for your welcome. :) I exceptionally had to use my Bitdefender antivirus VPN to register. I don't understand why your site's anti-spam cataloged my adress IP among spammers, big mistake on their part. Like what there are huge errors ...
Those were good times when you were cordial with me. Now I have almost become an outcast. Almost, I'm not far from it. I would wait or I would forget you. I should forget you to keep my honor. We'll see, it's up to you. You're very busy, I know, with all your work as developers, but that shouldn't stop you from being at least human and friendly. Taking a few seconds to reply to me and telling me how long the blockage will last is asking too much of you. Unable to dialogue with you. You are dull as mules. :(
You are stubborn as mules. :(
5 minutes only for edit a message, you are serious ???? See you later. Maybe in a year, you will agree to talk to me. I seriously doubt it. 3 mute admins like carps. That's crazy.
Bye bye. I'll leave you alone.
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