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Nerva Dark– premium XenForo 2.1.x theme with perfect responsive design and a lot of customization options available without any coding knowledge.

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A new update is available for Nerva Dark by XenTR.

Nerva Dark

Update highlights

This release fixes several issues that have occurred after XenForo 2.1.7, adding some new features. You must be running 2.1.7 to run this version. Please backup your styles first.

If you have edited the PAGE_CONTAINER template in your children's styles with this version, we recommend that you back up your template first. You may then need to revert the PAGE_CONTAINER template of your child theme. You can reapply your latest changes after reverting.

Complete Change Log

With this release, serious revisions have been made to the themes. Via this update, it is aimed to have a more efficient and user-friendly style for all our customers.Detailed information about the changes made is given below.
  • PAGE_CONTAINER has been completely re-encoded. By adding macro structures, it has been made more compatible with 3rd party plugins.
  • When the default navigation option in the header options is selected, the search box in this area has been developed and a more usable structure has been presented.
  • Some unnecessary features have been removed and arrangements have been made to work more stable instead.
  • Components removed:
  • Page wrapper features have been removed from the staff bar, navigation and message block areas. In addition, visitor areas in the sidebar will come as a single structure.
  • The problem of guest user logins for mobile devices has been resolved.
  • Also for mobile devices, improvements were made in the navigation and logo areas, ensuring a smooth display.
  • Auto navbar was re-organized to ensure a healthier operation.
  • Some css studies have been done for other areas.

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