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Obviously, when I released this add-on, thoughts were just based on the wishes of our first client. But I have to say that there will be extraordinary changes in the structure with this update.

If you have customers who use them and support you with own suggestions, this is the most valuable thing you have.
Many thanks to sbj for this update and the planned next release.

sbj If there are any items I missed, I will leave it to you to put its write.

What's new on 1.0.3
  • ACP/Public - The order of the adding a historical event fields has been changed.
  • ACP/Public - It is now possible to add events with unknown dates.
  • Public - Added option to display today's date instead of widget titles.
  • Public - Filter macros has been changed (Added unknown filter options)
  • ACP - Added new options (Disable or enable to title, date, and type options)
  • ACP Widget Options - Added display only unknown events option.
  • ACP Widget Options - Added sort order by random or created date option.


Widget options



Filter options



Sürüm notları

1.0.3 Change log
  • ACP/Public - Add-on templates updated.
  • Public - Adding a external URL save function error fixed.
  • ACP - Style properties updated.
  • Public - Sidebar Widget 3 style has been changed. (A more minimized structure has been used)
  • ACP/Public - In this release some of template modifications and optimizations have been applied.
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