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Paid Ryzer Pro 1.0.2

Sürüm değişiklikleri

  1. All templates have been updated for XenForo 2.2.0 Beta 4.
  2. Subject areas were rearranged according to the new node structures that came with XenForo 2.2.0 versions.
  3. Forum icon style properties have been updated again.
  4. Some bugs reported by customers have been fixed.

Sürüm notları

With the release of the XenForo 2.2.0 Beta 4 version, we are pleased to offer our valued customers a quick update to our themes.

Note: This is beta software style. As you know, XenForo 2.2.0 Beta 4 version is not officially supported.

We do not recommend running beta software in a production environment, and support is limited at this time to questions here on the community forums.

You must test your add-ons thoroughly or look for updates.