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After purchasing a theme and add-ons, your account is automatically upgraded to customer status, providing access to your theme & unlocking all categories in the forums!

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If you ever need any assistance, ask at the support forums and support tickets for a fast reply! They're monitored daily so a quick fix is never far away.

Cross browser compatibility

These themes are tested across popular modern browsers, ensuring your visitors don't run into any issues while browsing your forum.

Perfect Design & Code

We are passionate about aesthetic and functional design and code that is clean, secure and optimized.

Easy Customization

All of our XenForo themes come with features and usability functionalities that are very powerful yet simple to use.


All our Themes and Add-Ons are built with responsive layout. Your site will look great on any device or screen size.

Growth and development are fostered here!

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[XTR] Paid Membership

Paid [XTR] Paid Membership

Accept paid user upgrades and subscriptions.
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From: $30.00
[XTR] Advanced Content Edit History

Paid [XTR] Advanced Content Edit History

Control the content edit history via advanced user group permissions.
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From: $20.00
[XTR] Most Resource Downloaders

Paid [XTR] Most Resource Downloaders

This addon allows you to display the most resource downloaders of the month.
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From: $25.00