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Forum Software Migration Service

This page is for those who want to switch from other forum software to XenForo.

Want to switch to XenForo from different forum software? So let's perform all the services for you without any problem.

Data analysis

We know that every forum system is different and has different types of customizations. Our team will perform a complete data and application analysis to decide on an action plan.

In this process, we will discuss with you the budget and the timeline regarding the forum moving operations.

Forum migration preparation

To start the forum migration service, you need to send us the information about the server hosting your website by filling out the form below.

Apart from that, you must provide forum software files or XenForo.com client account you want to move.

After all the information and documents are received, necessary procedures will be initiated.

Test Environment

After planning & data analyzing, our team will perform the next operations. We call this dry-run mode where actual migration process gets implemented on test data.

This ensures that the live site does not get any downtime.

Completing transactions

You will be able to see the transport service that we perform in test mode. If everything happened as you want in the test mode, it will now be carried over to your live site.

Transactions carried out in test mode will also save time with minimal traffic interruptions on your live site.

We appreciate our relationship with clients.

Instant solution for any problem with support request.

We'll be glad to answer all your questions.


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